We are a team of creative young people who are driven by story.  We love meeting all types of people and embracing why we’re different.  At Ambivalence, we think that differences should be celebrated, and all voices deserve a microphone.


Ambivalence Studios started in 2015.  It’s purpose wasn’t clear.  It’s action was taking photos.  Overtime, it became clear that the reason that Ambivalence existed and what made Ambivalence a new type of photography company was two things.  The experience of Ambivalence Studios was so human.  Clients felt comfortable.  They felt that they could be themselves in front of the camera in a way that they never had before.  The Ambivalence Studios experience also consisted of a passive interaction that made great change.  Listening.  Ambivalence listened to clients in a way that other studios did not.  We heard the stories.  The struggles.  The triumphs.  That’s our drive.  To hear the stories of as many people as we can, and to make people feel like they can be themselves.  We do this by creating content, regardless of medium, that tells stories and makes people feel genuine emotions.  We’ve decided that photography and film are not the boundaries.  We are ready to break the glass ceilings.  Are you?


Kyle Duane Kazimour

CEO, Visual Director, Photographer, Filmmaker

Kyle Duane Kazimour is a visual storyteller and entrepreneur. He started Ambivalence Studios in 2015 and has been telling stories through photography and film ever since.   He hopes, through telling stories and creating, he can evoke emotion and create social change.

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Breleigh J. Mease

Visual Director, Photographer

Breleigh J. Mease is a visual story teller. She joined Ambivalence Studios in 2017. She loves that photography makes you think outside of the box to find multiple perspectives of the story. Through her work, she hopes to make everyone feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.

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Natalie J. Knapp

Visual Artist, Photographer

Natalie Knapp joined the Ambivalence team in the spring of 2019 as a photographer + visual artist. She’s been photographing faces on her own for a few years now, and loves bringing a different perspective to the table. Like KDK + BJM, Natalie loves to make connection with the people she is photographing by making them feel beautiful and unique. In addition to photography, Natalie also utilizes music, theater, and writing to express herself.

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Morgan Flynn

Studio Resident

Morgan Flynn is an avid storyteller through writing and photography, writing for organizations like The Gazette and Humans of Cedar Rapids. Primarily for writing, she focuses on the community around her and for photography. Morgan is looking to continue to write throughout her life, pursuing communications and storytelling.

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