Through motion and video, we can tell some of our greatest stories.  We can tell stories in ways we have never thought we could before.  We can hear the voices that speak loudly, and see the faces of the stories.  We believe every story should be told.  Here are the stories we’ve told so far.




directed by kyle duane kazimour

With apps like Tinder + Bumble, your next love might be a swipe away.  But we had a bigger question. In our world of swipes and likes, where does romance stand?  Ambivalence Studios followed six young people throughout their adventures in online dating to find out.

Professional Services

Ambivalence Studios is a storytelling company.  Throughout this, we have become a media production company, servicing your story in full.  When not creating our own compelling films, we love to create film for your brand.  Contact us today, we’d love to help tell your story in a beautiful way.


somewhere only we know

life in the sticks

directed by kyle duane kazimour

Somewhere Only We Know follows the Horak family – specifically Janice and Richard – and tells their family narrative of their life and legacy.  The film ultimately answers the question of what is worth more than money.


in partnership with trees forever.

trees forever has a mission to inspire and connect the next generation.  there are many young professionals in the corridor who work endlessly to inspire and grow the next generation.  these are their stories. for more information, visit 


promotional video for ignite retreat from logic.

its time to answer the call.  its time to ignite.  to learn more about the ignite retreat and logic, visit itsjustlogic,com.

it’s time.

this is logic.

church is decreasing in attendance.  it’s time to answer the questions unknown.  this is logic.  it’s time to join the movement.  for more information about logic, visit


good morning. it’s time to rise.

rise is a video created by visual director kyle duane kazimour as a part of his media internship at iowa big, and is not actually a project of ambivalence studios.  rise is not an explanation video of how iowa big works, but rather a video explaining the energy and drive of iowa big,  good morning. it’s time to rise.  for more information, visit

jemar on the street.

promotional video for driven by hope exhibit at the african american museum of iowa

join jemar lee as we ask people their knowledge on figures from the african american museum’s new exhibit driven by hope.  for more information, visit

empower her co.

recap video of empower her co.’s social media summit

empower her co. is an organization built to empower and strengthen women in business by giving them tools and networking opportunities.  the social media summit brought in social media experts to help educate women.  for more information on empower her co, visit 

i am iowabig.

an introduction video for iowabig students created by iowabig students.

iowabig is an initiative driven high school with forward thinking ideas on education.  the concept of what big is and how it works is hard to explain and a lot gets lost in explanation.  this video takes real big students and explains what is iowabig and what it means to them.  for more information, visit

the green bandana project.

wag ‘n walk for the green bandana project promotional video

the green bandana project is a suicide prevention awareness movement that has come to linn mar high school. the project is spreading the word and raising money for foundation 2, the local leader in crisis prevention, by hosting a dog walk.

the quest for the perfect office chair.

vlog + lifestyle video

we believe that SHE CAN.

promotional video for SHE CAN.

SHE CAN. is an IowaBIG initiative started by Kenadee Dekko to empower middle school girls through creating projects. for more information on IowaBIG, visit

arcade adventures.

vlog + lifestyle video


silent night.

happy holidays from ambivalence studios.


be ambivalent  //

the playground is open.  the sky is not the limit.

branding video for Ambivalence Studios // a creative photography company.

this is my special.

welcome to

Kimberly Fitten is an author, thought leader, purpose coach, and transformation advocate.  Her book “The Science of Greatness” gives a toolkit to help each individual find greatness and their purpose.