This is Ambivalence.  We are out of the box, crazy, caffeinated visual storytellers.  We are driven by our craft, and creating something beautiful out of it.  We’re ready to tell your story.  Now more than ever, this is your invitation to be ambivalent.  Let us show you what that can mean.



Senior year is a major turning point.  At Ambivalence, we want to capture you in your truest form during this point of your life.  We like to create visuals that describe you in your truest form.  Let us tell your story.

What is Ambivalence?

The word Ambivalence means the state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.  As a human being, there is so much that composes you. All of your ideas.  All of your feelings.  All of your emotions.  We want to tell your whole story.  Whether it’s through headshots, a video project, or a new website, we want to tell your story.  Your beautiful, ambivalent story.  We take pride in our craft, and create beautiful things every day.  Are you ready to be Ambivalent?


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SHEEP – A documentary film by Ambivalence

This is the second film project for Ambivalence’s Visual Director Kyle Duane Kazimour.  With apps like Tinder + Bumble, your next love might be a swipe away.  But we had a bigger question. In our world of swipes and likes, where does romance stand?  Ambivalence Studios followed six young people throughout their adventures in online dating to find out.

Already in the club?

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Note – all of our galleries have updated URLs as we transition as a company.  Ends of links will remain the same, please use cre8.smugmug.com/ to find your URL.



Kyle Duane Kazimour

Kyle Duane Kazimour

Founder, Creator at KDK Creative

Breleigh J. Mease

Breleigh J. Mease

Photographer + Visual Director

Natalie J. Knapp

Natalie J. Knapp

Photographer + Visual Artist