My name is Kyle Duane Kazimour.  I’m 18 years old and live in Cedar Rapids, IA.  I am a visual storyteller and entrepreneur.  I started my company Ambivalence Studios when I was 15 and have been growing it ever since.  At the core, I am a creative who expresses through photography and film.
In May 2018, I am premiering my first documentary film entitled Somewhere Only We Know: Life in the Sticks.  The film follows Janice and Richard Horak of Johnson County, IA, tells their life story, describes the legacy they will leave, and ultimately answers what’s worth more than money.
Life is pretty crazy right now.  I am leaving high school, about to start college, but I am taking a very untraditional route.  I plan to continue to create and run Ambivalence as a priority.  I want to tell as many stories as I can this next year.  This blog is going to be my outlet to tell my story.

much love.  talk soon.